We are one of the Greater Toronto Areas’s oldest non-profit wine clubs offering members unrivaled tastings. We keep our own cellar which not only gives us a unique selection of wines to support our tastings but also lets us offer tastings at a very reasonable cost as we do not have to bear the burden of current market prices. We also provide a chance to network with other wine enthusiasts and collectors, and an opportunity to learn more about wine from various wine professionals who lead our tastings.

Our first virtual wine/food event

As you can see from the note below on our COVID response, we want to try some creative approaches to our events for 2020/21 given our regular meets are unlikely to occur until at least September of next year.

We are excited to try a pilot wine/food event Wednesday, August 26 at about 6 pm. We are working with Elle Cuisine, (exclusive Toronto Life caterer) for this event.

Packages are for two or more persons.

Three options:

  1. Winetasters members in good standing for 2020/21 can order food & wine packages from our cellar on a first-come-first-served basis. This is limited to 15 packages, one package per member, and each package provides a 4 oz pour for two persons.
  2. Members and others can order a food package and do a match from their own cellar.
  3. Members and others can order a food/wine package and Elle Cuisine will deliver both the food and wines suggested by Winetasters/Elle Cuisine as possible matches currently available in the LCBO.

Enjoy a restaurant caliber pairing and tasting experience from the comfort of your home. Chef Lauren Mozer will lead us through reheating, finishing, and plating live, virtually with the attendees

On the wine front, Elle Cuisine’s SOMM will be on Zoom to discuss both the Winetasters’ cellared offering, the suggested LCBO pairing, and thoughts on the pairing.

Click here for more details on food courses and options.

Step 1:  To reserve a meal(s) (minimum 2) and/or suggested LCBO wines send an email to Lauren@ELLECUISINE.ca

Step 2: To reserve the wine portion from the Wintasters cellars members can send an email to services@winetasters.ca  Access to our cellared wines is conditional on purchasing a meal package. Once we confirm your membership status and coordinate with Elle Cuisine, we will send you an invoice and payment instructions.

Click here to find out more about Elle Cuisine.


(COVID update)

Hello to all of our Winetasters Members & Friends 

We hope you are all doing well and adapting to our new normal.  Your board of directors has continued to meet (via Zoom of course) and has come up with a plan to try to continue to engage our wine-loving community in new ways.  We owe you an update on our plans and are seeking your feedback as well. 

Currently, it appears that we will have to forgo our normal tastings for the upcoming season, meaning we would not be planning for an in-person tasting until September 2021.  We could not in good conscience consider setting up tasting as per usual with so much uncertainty and with restrictions on indoor gatherings for the foreseeable future.

Our Extensive Cellar

Fortunately, our Winetasters know that the wine only gets better with age and our cellar is resting nicely, waiting to re-emerge for us.  In the meantime, our buying committee has put a tremendous amount of work into planning 10 years’ worth of tastings!  They have studied our 3000+ cellar thoroughly and made an enticing 10-year plan for most of our wines.

You will soon see more about the 10-year plan on our Website soon.  This careful planning has allowed us to now continue with a well thought out buying plan to fill any holes in these tastings, and to ensure that we can be prepared to purchase the wines we need when they come available.  This plan also helps us to organize more insightful information for you about the wines and to recruit high-quality speakers.  

Winetasters at Home

In addition, we are exploring a few ideas for “Winetasters at Home”.  We are planning dinner and wine pairings with caterers who will deliver both the wines from our cellar and the food to your home.  We would provide the wines rebottled in 250 ML bottles so that you can try a wine with each course of your dinner.  We will host a Zoom meeting that evening to share our thoughts on the wines and of course the food pairings.  The caterers we’ve spoken to are tops in the city and are keen to partner with us in this initiative.

Also, we are planning to host Zoom tastings of wines that are available in the LCBO, so that you can purchase your own and share with your Winetasters community online.  We’d organize these tastings around a theme related to one of the tastings we have planned for when we return to our normal schedule,  We will invite speakers to these events as well to continue our tradition of having a speaker at each event.

As we had been doing prior to the epidemic, we continue to search out alternate venues to host our events from time to time in order to make attendance convenient for even more members.

Membership renewals

We do hope that you all consider maintaining your membership with us despite the current restriction on gatherings as we still have costs associated with storing the wine, other overhead expenses, and wine purchasing for the gaps. The people that maintain their Winetasters membership will also benefit from special pricing for our new “ultra-premium” tastings. Every 3 years, Winetasters will hold one ultra-premium tasting that includes rare and high-value wines. For these tastings, multi-year members will be invited to participate first and will be afforded an opportunity to taste these wines at a preferred member’s price.  Guests and new members may participate if room still exists, but they will pay the market rate to taste at these premium events.  We plan to hold the first ultra-premium tasting in 2022 featuring the wines of E. Guigal, including the 2012 La Landonne and La Mouline.

For this year’s membership, we are offering a discounted rate of $40.00 per person to maintain your status with the club.   We plan to host all of our virtual events on our usual dates, which are the last Wednesday of every month, so please block your calendars now.  Those members who are active will also be invited to our first Winetasters at a Home dinner event, scheduled for this August 26th, and will feature Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Port wines from our cellar.  Click here to renew your membership. For single members use promo code WT15 to save $15. For dual members use promo WT30 to save $30.

Some of you signed up for the two-year single membership plan. Thank you. You are good to go with our virtual tastings and dinners.

Please let us know your thoughts on our new plans for our club, and we hope you will continue your membership with us.  We all look forward to being able to meet again and share our love of wine as we always have, and hopefully, our plan to adapt allows us all to feel that we still can enjoy that camaraderie, even while we are apart.

Stay safe and stay sane!

Your WineTasters Board