We are one of the Greater Toronto Areas’s oldest non-profit wine clubs offering members unrivaled tastings. We keep our own cellar which not only gives us a unique selection of wines to support our tastings, but also lets us offer tastings at very reasonable cost as we do not have to bear the burden of current market prices. We also provide a chance to network with other wine enthusiasts and collectors, and an opportunity to learn more about wine from various wine professionals who lead our tastings.

New members, joining on or after December 1, 2017, become members for both the 2017 – 2018 and the 2018 -2019 membership year. The membership year ends June 30.

2017 – 2018 Monthly Events

Please note that the dates for upcoming events from April on have changed from the second Wednesday of each month to the 4th Wednesday.

Mature Ports 1960’s and 70’s – March 14th, 2018

Until 1970 it was not uncommon for British wine merchants to import port in barrels (pipes) and bottle it themselves. (After 1970 all vintage port is Oporto bottled) This tasting includes comparisons of British and Oporto bottled Cockburn & Taylor ports from 1966, 1967 and 1970. Did the Brits do a good job? … more

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Mitolo – Australian Single Vineyard “G.A.M” Shiraz – April 25th, 2018

Aussie Shiraz with an Italian heritage. The winery was founded by Frank Mitolo in 2000; G.A.M. (the initials of Franks children) Shiraz was their first cuvee. We are spanning the 2004-2008 period. The wines will be at full maturity (10-15 years). In addition, we are pouring the Savitar and Reiver Shiraz cuvees. There will also be a “ringer”, the Mitolo Serpico Cabernet Sauvignon. See if you can spot it! These are full throttle wines, “heroically styled” to quote Hugh Johnson.

Beaune – Clos des Fèves vs Clos des Ursules – May 23th, 2018

This tasting compares two houses 1er Cru Beaunes – Louis Jadot (Clos des Ursules) and Chanson (Clos des Fèves). Both houses have excellent reputations. You will be able to compare the two enclaves across several vintages spanning 1995 – 2005. The Ursules perhaps a little more elegant, the Fèves perhaps a little rounder.

Judgement of Paris (Ont.) – Chardonnay – Niagara vs Burgundy – June 27th, 2018

(With apologies to Steven Spurrier!). The “Judgement of Paris” was the famous (US) / notoire (Fr) tasting that pitted top Napa wines against Bordeaux and white Burgundy. The shock was that the French judging panel ranked Ch Montelena as the top Chardonnay and that Napa overall acquitted itself extremely well. Our tasting will see how Niagara Chardonnay stacks up against Burgundy. Details are being worked out and we will update this web page shortly.

Our tasting events are held on the second Wednesday of each month from September through June. All events (except December and the March tasting dinner) are in the North York Memorial Community Hall, 5110 Yonge Street (under the library). We recommend that tasters take the TTC: the North York Centre subway stop is handy. If you insist on driving, there’s parking in the building (enter off Beecroft, one block west of Yonge).


Mature Ports 1960’s and 70’s

(Wednesday, March 14, 2018) — Last year we examined a group of Ports from the 1990’s to see how these younger wines were developing. This year, we will take the opposite approach and see how a group of older Ports have matured. They are these: 1963: Cockburn’s, Martinez 1966: Croft, Taylor’s 1967: Cockburn’s (English bottling) 1970: […]

Winter Dinner – Revere on the Danforth

(Monday, February 26, 2018) — For our Winter Dinner we go to Revere, a culinary bright spot on the Danforth, East of Pape. Revere was opened on September 16, 2016 by Chef James Harrison and General Manager Sean Clarke. Revere is a restaurant that is not only an expression of what these two admire and […]

2001 Sauternes “Hello Sweetie”

(Wednesday, February 14, 2018) —  What is more appropriate for a Valentine’s Day tasting than incredible dessert wines?   Our tasting features an outstanding vintage of one of the world’s outstanding regions for dessert wines. Sauterne’s location at the southern end of Bordeaux, and its climate allow, in good years, the growth of Botrytis Cinerea (Noble […]

Rioja Gran Reserva Off-the-shelf Maturity

(Wednesday, January 10, 2018) — Reserva, and more especially Gran Reserva, Rioja have a special characteristic that savvy wine lovers appreciate. They are only released after significant aging at the winery. This makes then especially useful when you need an off-the-shelf bottle for immediate drinking that nonetheless has some maturity. Of course the wines can also […]

2017 Holiday Party at Osgoode Hall

(Wednesday, December 13, 2017) — We are excited to announce the new location for our not-to-be-missed annual holiday extravaganza. The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Osgoode Hall restaurant is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets; and it provides the perfect setting for our seasonal party. Register online. Register by mail. Osgoode Hall is a landmark building in […]

Pauillac v St Estephe Location, Location, Location! …and AGM

(Wednesday, November 8, 2017) — Ah Bordeaux…home to some of the finest and most storied wines and wine appellations in the world.  Following our “Napa Knockdown” last month, our November tasting compares two Bordeaux properties, Haut-Bages Averous in Pauillac, and Les Ormes de Pez in St Estèphe.   These are both managed by JM Cazes, owners of […]

Napa Knockdown

(Wednesday, October 11, 2017) — Two of the finest wineries in the Napa are Heitz Cellars and Chateau Montelena. In October we will compare their Cabernet Sauvignon. Chateau Montelena Chardonnay won the white category in the 1976 Judgement of Paris that so changed the wine world. Their Cab is every bit as good. Heitz Cellars has […]

Brunello di Montalcino Old & New

(Wednesday, September 13, 2017) You had me at “Brunello” The other Sangiovese Register online. Register by mail. Without the Biondi-Santi family, there would be no Brunello. When Clemente Santi noticed that some of his vines grew compact, thick skinned grapes producing more expressive wines than his other Sangiovese stock, he set in motion a movement to produce […]

Two Hands Shiraz – Already an Aussie Legend

          (Wednesday, June 14, 2017) — We are delighted to offer this tasting of premium Shiraz from the young, yet already legendary, Two Hands winery in South Australia. The winery was originally rooted in Barossa and McLaren vale but now covers a much wider span. Originally founded just before the turn of […]

Sauvignon-Blanc – Not Just The Usual Suspects

Register online. Register by mail. (Wednesday, May 10, 2017) — Now that winter’s over and spring is upon us, it’s time to put down the heavy reds and pick up some beautiful whites.  Cue Sauvignon Blanc: one of the most popular and distinctive, of the white wine grapes.  One thinks first of the Loire Valley as […]

Michele Chiarlo Barolo

(Wednesday, April 12, 2017) — Barolo has been called the King of Wines. To many of its fans it deserves the title. The zone is in the Langhe region with its rolling hills. The grape used is Nebbiolo, the earliest to bud and last to ripen. It produces big powerful wines and is also the grape […]

Dinner at Boland’s Open Kitchen

(Wednesday, March 8, 2017) — Our winter has been a little grey! To get us out of the winter humdrums Winetasters will be hosting a dinner in place of our regular March tasting. We will be at the well-established local restaurant, Boland’s Open Kitchen, located on Mount Pleasant Road. It is owned and operated by Chris […]