Stratus Deconstructed: The Art of Blending

(Apr. 10, 2013) — The blending of colours, textures and especially tastes is almost as ingrained into our genetic code as eating. If you doubt this, watch five year olds finger paint. Some would say that most wine makers are like five year olds with more training. In established wine regions, blends have been finely tuned through centuries of learning and are strictly controlled either by law or by tradition. In North America, winemakers use their palate, training, and whatever experience they have with their vines to create what they feel is the best blend.

This tasting is special in that we have the unique experience of having the insiders at Stratus present their strategy with the iconic 2007 Stratus Red. We will be serving it alongside its constituents bottled as varietals: the 2007 Gamay, 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 Merlot, and 2007 Cabernet Franc. To round out the tasting we’ve added a couple of other Niagara blends from the same year. The 2007 Poetica from Southbrook (46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Cabernet Franc, and 23% Merlot) and the 2007 Ravines Meritage (57% Cabernet Franc, 27% Merlot and 16% Cabernet Sauvignon) provide a couple of fine examples of other winemakers’ skill.

If you have been counting, you have realized by now that we are one wine short of our customary eight. Stratus released, just to Winetasters, the 2007 Stratus Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. But they don’t make a Reserve, you say. Well they do, but just for their own purposes, and they have decided to share.

Winetasters membership has its privileges.

As always with our tastings, this event will be strictly non-smoking, and we request your cooperation in not wearing any scented after-shave or perfume.

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 North York Memorial Community Hall
Time: 6:30 p.m. 5110 Yonge St. (under library)
Limit: 122 people North York Centre Subway
Members: $48 Guests: $56

Cancellations accepted up to April 5, 2013. See the event form for cancellation contact details. No reservations by phone, please. No confirmations will be issued — you will be contacted only if we are sold out. First come basis. Non-members may attend at guest rates, but preference will be given to members.

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