Winetasters March Tasting – Stratus – 2007 & 2017

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March Tasting

Stratus – 2007 & 2017
Wednesday, March 24th, 7:00 PM


Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 24, at 7 PM for a tasting that features 9 wines from Stratus, from the 2007 and 2017 vintages, and led by Stratus’ winemaker Jean-Laurent Groux (J-L).  Members may experience this Google Meet event for $80 ($100 for non-members). (Prices include HST). Further details appear below and you can sign up for this event by clicking on this link.  Note that this event is limited to 48 tasting sets. 

This is our fifth Winetasters@Home© event, and we are delighted to offer a tasting that will provide insight into how Stratus red wines evolve.  We dug into our cellar to unearth a few bottles of their 2007 red varietals and of their iconic Red blend.  With assistance from Stratus, we were able to assemble the same wines from the 2017 vintage, thereby creating a tasting that will compare the 2007 vintage against their 2017 current release equivalents.  We will be tasting the two vintages for each of Stratus’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Red Blend. 

And there’s more. ..not only will we be tasting these wines a decade apart; but the three varietals are the principal components of the Red blend (which also includes Petit Verdot and Tannat).  So it’s a sort of two-in-one event – the deconstruction of the blend, and the evolution of the wines.

To help our palates tune-up for the main event we also have a ‘reception wine’- the 2007 Stratus White, a wine that goes beyond the traditional Bordeaux dry white blend.  This will give you something to do while everyone is getting online and learning how to use the mute button.   

To lead our discussion of the wines we are fortunate to have Stratus’ winemaker “J-L” or more formally, Jean-Laurent Groux.  An innovator who respects, but is not bound by, tradition. J-L has brought a distinctive Bordelais sensibility to the terroir of Niagara-on-the lake.

For those of you who do not want to cook that evening, we are again partnering with Vintage Conservatory for a dinner option.  Details will be available nearer the time.

As with previous @Home events, the wines will come carefully decanted into 2 OZ bottles.  You will be able to pick up your tasting package either at the downtown location on Lombard St (Queen & Church) or at the uptown location at Avenue Road and 401 (just north of the 401).  Full details will be in the confirmation email.

Is it just me or do these wines all seem a bit closed …. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: You may return the jars used to distribute the wines to either of the drop-off points. Please rinse/wash them before returning.

SPECIAL OFFER: Danny Castricone,, who led the wine discussion for our last February Dinner ‘Off-The-Beaten-Path’, has offered preferred pricing on his wines. You can view the list here. Danny reminds us that availability can change daily. Click here to view the offer.